SBM 400 SR

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SBM 400 SR
SBM 400 SR


The SBM 400 SR is designed to increase production and reduce dead time upon safety standards.


  • Completely handsfree Raise Boring system that only needs two operators.
  • Equipped with a Pipe Positioner that places and removes the drill pipe during the drilling process. It has an upper and lower hydraulic wrenches to make-up and break-out threaded connections of the drill pipes.
  • The entire machine and crawler can be operated by remote controls respectively.


  • Permanently attached to the self-propelled crawler that allows it to be transported from site to site without assistance.
  • Electro-hidraulically equipped to self-level and secure to the gallery for drilling.
  • No concrete pad needed as standard Raise Boring machines require.
  • Fully integrated power and control system.
  • Designed with tandem thrust cylinders to fit in small galleries.


This is an environmentally friendly machine that only requires electricity and water or air for its operation.

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