Lastest news about TUMI and media releases.

2012 - September

The American and Canadian Association of Peru (ACAP), Bulletin: TUMI’s Raise Boring Process

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Peruvian Institute of Energy and Mines Minería, Review: Peruvian export technological innovation

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2012 - August

Exporters Association – ADEX, Bulletin: TUMI will export up to 8 Raise Boring Machines in 2013

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The American and Canadian Association of Peru (ACAP), Bulletin: Drilling service around the world

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Horizonte Minero, Review: TUMI creates Latin America’s largest Raise Bore Drilling Machine

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La República, Newsletter: TUMI Raise Boring, Production and development for the mining sector

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Mundo Empresarial, Review: Peru began to export technology to the world

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