Our History

TUMI was founded on October 12, 1998 in Lima by Stu Blattner, and it began its operations at the same day of registration. The company was located at Av. Guillermo Dansey 2140 Lima Cercado.

Since its founding the company has aimed to dedicate in the manufacturing and marketing of machines and the provision of mining services in general, including the drilling of shafts (raise boring) for ventilation and production in underground mines, exploitation and development, preparation, operation, diamond drilling and others.

TUMI currently has moved its operation to a large plant in Lurín. (40,000 m²).

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TUMI Contratistas Mineros S.A.C. Unidad Inmobiliaria N 1 con frente Av. Paul Poblet s/n – Lurin - Lima. Síguenos en: Facebook YouTube