TUMI Raise Boring is a global company specialized in the Raise Bore Industry for Mining, Hydroelectric, and Civil Engineering sectors. We specialize in Designing, Manufacture and Contracting Services of all Raise Boring products, offering an integral solution for Raise Boring requirements.

We manufacture every part of the Raise Boring System, which includes; Raise Boring Machines varying in size and capabilities, drill pipes, stabilizers, roller bits, reaming heads and cutters, etc. Our strategic alliance with Stu Blattner Inc., an American company based out of Denver, Colorado USA; allows us to be very competitive in the Raise Boring industry.

Currently TUMI has over 40 years of drilling experience and more than 100,000 meters drilled. We are proud to mention that our machines have been exported to several countries such as Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brasil, Canada, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, and South Africa, among others. Also, we are currently working as Raise Boring contractors in many mines of Perú like Bateas, Buenaventura, Casapalca, Condestable, Glencore International Ag., Hochschild, Minera Aurífera Retamas, Pan American Silver Corp., Raura, Volcán, as well as others.

TUMI’s products and services may help your company in obtaining your overall goals, since we can offer Your complete Raise Boring Solutions!

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